ILENIO specializes on training to grown up, working people!

Every training has a pupose - and we are good at getting it right. 10+ years of training experience in various environments brought us some really usefull skills and routines. We know we manage to create a positive and attractive training environment.

ILENIO Trainings are always activity based learning. This mean we continuously mix theoretical studies with practical excersices - you will get your first practical experience alreadi in the classroom. You will have a good Training documentation, but you will never see hundreds of powerpoints the same day!


All our training programs fit together!

Whether we will deliver training in Lean, Six Sigma, Logistics or Project management, our trainings fit together. There are no contradictions between subjects and all courses are up to date with current knowledge. Ilenio put a lot of effort to make sure all subjects should have synchronized content.


There are several ways for us to deliver training:

Amongst other things - we are trainers. There are some approaches when delivering trainings and we are very well familiar with them all:

1 The most common way is that our trainers deliver our own trainings betwen some hours up to a number of days. Our longest training so far, is our Six Sigma Black Belt training for 20 days.

2 We also develop long term training programs or academy solutions. This is when we adress a longer term competence development for a big number of persons. We have worked together with some renowed companies throug time. We like to mention PartnerTech, Telenor, Elcoteq, Whirlpool, Holmen Paper etc.

3 Sometimes costomer only use our trainers to deliver their own trainings. It your own staff is not avalible, sick och if you simply want a professional trainer we can solve that for you. After all - you get a lot of experience delivering a sucessful training - if you do it for a living. This approach is quiet common within qualified Lean Six Sigma Programs and weve done this together with Alfa Laval and Ericsson over the times.


Are you sucessfull?

When you get it right - you will have a training where people want to participate, where there is a lot of interaction and where you can feel the positive, challangeing and stimulating environment. In other words - where people learn something that will make a differens in the future. Please contact us today and we will help you to dicsover the next level of learning...